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  • Intelligent Auto Gate Opener —– This gate opener comes complete with 2 remote controls, allowing you to conveniently open and close your gate from up to 98.4 ft away. No more getting out of your car in the pouring rain to open and shut the gate or to let guests in. All you need to do is to press the button and the door will open immediately. Upgraded gate motor features multiple functions, making this machine more intelligent. Just enjoy the convenient life brought by this auto gate opener.
  • Upgraded Gate Opener —– The 150W gate opener silently moves gates up to 1100 lbs. at speeds of 52–59 feet per minute, opening your gate quickly and easily. 
  • Stop Limit —– The stop-limit uses chip memory, which improves range memory at the same time. Even if you push the gate manually when there is no power supply, the gate will find its original location. No need to set it again. (It means the gate opener remembers the location once you set the parameters, making this gate opener fully automatic.)
  • Auto Stop —– Due to the photoelectric switch, the gate opener will automatically stop when facing an obstacle or a person. Meanwhile, the gate will slow down before hitting the obstacle to protect the motor and speed up the gate opener.
  • Free Worry Purchase —– We have faith in our product and offer a 1-year warranty. No matter how your machine breaks down, we guarantee a free exchange. If you are not satisfied and want to get a refund, we will respect your decision. Your happiness is what we are looking for. If you have any problem with the installation, please contact our customer service team or watch the video. We believe that you will enjoy the convenient life brought by our gate opener once you install it patiently.

Configuration of the Product


Automatic Sliding Gate System Kit Intelligent auto gate opener: You can easily open and close your gate with this opener from up to 98.4 feet away; thanks to the two remote controls that are included. There’s no need to get out of your car in the pouring rain to open and close the gate or let visitors in. The door will open with just a single press of the button. The more advanced gate motor has more features, which gives this machine more intelligence. Just take pleasure in the convenience that our automatic gate opener brings.

Upgraded gate opener

The 150W gate opener opens your gate swiftly and effortlessly by softly moving gates up to 1100 lbs. at 52-59 feet per minute.

Stop limit

Chip memory is used for the stop limit, which simultaneously enhances range memory. The gate will return to its original position even if you physically push it when there is no power source. You don’t have to reset it. When you specify the parameters, the gate opener will remember the location, which makes it entirely automatic.

Auto stop

The photoelectric switch allows the gate opener to automatically stop when it encounters an obstruction or a human. For the sake of safeguarding the motor and accelerating the gate opener, the gate will slow down before colliding with the obstruction.

Free Worry Purchase

A one-year warranty is provided since we are confident in our product. Technest Security Systems provide a free exchange regardless of how your machine malfunctions. We will respect your decision if you are unsatisfied and want a return. We want you to be happy. Please watch the video or get in touch with our customer care staff if you run into any installation-related issues. Once you patiently install our gate opener, we think you’ll appreciate the convenience it brings to your life.

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Automatic Sliding Gate System Kit

Office buildings and apartment complexes can benefit from automatic sliding gate system kits. It enables you to operate the gates while you are still in the car. In Dubai, we offer an automatic sliding gate system kit. Installation and use of this automatic sliding gate system kit require caution. To install and repair the automatic sliding gate system kit, we have a skilled and knowledgeable crew. Every industry can benefit from our services. We install completely automatic sliding gate system kits, whether they are for a commercial space or a residential complex.

Automatic sliding door machine kit

The automatic Sliding Door Machine Kit is a high-performance entry system that offers a number of options and is outfitted with sensor systems that meet the standard to encourage less liability and increased safety. It is the ideal solution to complement any entry. For nearly all common sliding door applications, it is the perfect solution.

Our company is an expert in providing automatic sliding door machine kits in Dubai. We provide you with a high-quality Automatic sliding door machine kit that guarantees a positive credit history and strong client connections. As we don’t skimp on product quality, we provide automatic sliding door machine kits that are incredibly flexible and convenient for easy access without coming into contact with the door. Our automatic sliding door machine kits are appropriate for a wide range of structures, including commercial, residential, and transit-related buildings. Through various security and security choices, they can be improved and personalised.

Auto barrier gate

To regulate vehicle entry or traffic in both private and public locations, auto barrier gates are employed as a physical security solution. The parking spaces of numerous indoor facilities, such as hotels, supermarkets, and industrial infrastructures, frequently use auto barrier gates.

For your security needs, we offer auto barrier gate systems that are incredibly dependable and effective. We always deal with the best quality products. In addition to this, our professional team is always here to guide you. We are aware that the calibre of our qualified, exceptionally skilled, and experienced staff completely determines the quality of our reputation.

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