Fingerprint machine

Fingerprint machine and CCTV camera Installation in Dubai

Fingerprint machine installation:

The biometric attendance system immediately records data with fast fingerprint recognition, which can reduce workloads and improve HR department productivity. The fingerprint machine installation an also be used for access control, with the system authenticating the user and unlocking the door. This feature is useful for ignoring third-party indulgence to the office.

Fingerprint recognition searches for the distinct patterns of ridges and valleys found in each individual’s fingerprint. These patterns are unique to each individual and thus aid in their identification in a large population. Fingerprints are unique to each individual and cannot be lost or stolen, making them extremely reliable. Furthermore, the availability of fingerprint readers, combined with simple integration capabilities, has resulted in the widespread use of fingerprint biometrics in a variety of enterprises.

The attendance thumb machine captures key biometric components of the individual and eliminates the risk of misuse. The machine scans the employee’s fingerprint, determines coordinates, and then maps the intersection and endpoint of the fingerprint. The fingerprint scanning provides you with the added benefit of real-time attendance and accurate working time of your employees. The first step is to collect and store fingerprint samples from all employees. Each fingerprint image is saved along with the individual’s name and details. When an employee punches, his coordinates are compared to the stored image and name.

CCTV camera installation in Dubai:

Whether for business or at home, it is important to take proactive security measures to reduce internal and external threats. CCTV surveillance can be used to avoid potential threats such as theft and other attacks; for the most part, it allows users to keep a close eye on the incidents. With all of these illegal activities going on, it is worthwhile to consider investing in CCTV security. It will also help security personnel uncover the truth in an alarming situation at times. It is now an essential component of any business or home security system.

The CCTV cameras should be installed in the proper location and with the proper tools to ensure complete protection of the area. Placing the camera in the proper location increases coverage while decreasing cable length. Reduced cable length eliminates the possibility of in-line losses, which can result in poor video quality. Choose a corner of the room where the majority of the entry points are visible for indoor CCTV cameras. Check for the presence of a nearby power outlet as well.

Dubai is a business hub that keeps up with the latest security trends and constantly improves its security systems, CCTV cameras, and accessories. Safety and security are essential for everyone, whether you stay at your home or want to open a business in Dubai.

In Dubai, there are numerous CCTV installation companies. However, Technest Security Systems is a market leader in CCTV installation services. has a team of professionals and engineers who not only install CCTV cameras but also make you understand about the quality of each brand.


Whether it’s about fingerprint machine installation or CCTV camera installation in Dubai; our experts and technicians are always here to guide you and assist you. We take the responsibility of providing the best security solution for you as a reputable security service provider in Dubai, and you can always expect a professional and proactive approach from us which will definitely help you. Let us know if you require our dependable CCTV installation services in Dubai or fingerprint machine installation services in Dubai.

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